Well; I am remiss, I have not posted to this blog site in years. So much has happened though. My then husband, Jim, and I relocated to the Washington D.C. area in August of 2010; United transferred him to Dulles (IAD). We chose an apartment in Arlington Virginia; minutes away from Reagan National airport (DCA). As fate may have it; Jim passed away on Christmas Day 2010 (12/25/2010). I think all the chemotherapy and other procedures took its toll on his heart and he died in his sleep at home.

I went back to work after about three weeks; my first project was with Time Warner Cable (TWC). It was tough getting back into the thick of things; I remember crying in the snow logged parking lot of the TWC in Albany (NY), I was simply sad and lonely. My next project was in New Jersey with a company called GAF (a roofing company); I was there for almost five months. I ended up getting a hotel room at a place called the “Hyatt House” which became my home away from home and from which I made many, many great friends and experiences.

In October 2011; I decided to take a year long Leave of Absence (LOA) from Capgemini and travel the world. I started with Switzerland (five weeks) and then went to Dubai (UAE), Gurgaon (India), London (Great Britain), Sydney (Australia), Rome (Italy) and almost all of New Zealand. I realized that traveling alone sucked (I was with my friend Sylvia for the 10 days in New Zealand though); and decided to get on

Well, as luck may have it, I met my current husband on We had our first date on January 4, 2012 and we were married on January 10, 2014 (in Cozumel, Mexico). We just celebrated our two year anniversary where we live now in Germany. Ah, yes, Germany; Paul (my husband) works for the U.S. government (he is a retired Navy aviator) at Ramstein Air Force base here in Germany. When we met; he worked as a civilian in Arlington Virginia. He took this position in April of 2015 and we will be here until at least April of 2018.

I am still employed by Capgemini; I just took another LOA hoping to get work here in Germany. Unfortunately; I have to speak fluent German, which I do not (I am better at it than when I arrived here; but not good enough to converse in *business* German). As a result; I have decided to start a website/blog that provides information to travelers with pets. I want to provide short videos on processes and procedures, best places to go (e.g. hotels, restaurants, sites, events, etc), products, etc. I will start small; but I decided to do it because there is not a single site where I can find what I want. In fact; even going to several sites still does not provide me with the information that I need. I am, therefore, going to venture out doing what I love (traveling and meeting people) and create something that is not available now. Wish me luck, I will need it!

Love YOU all!!!

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Thank you…

to my friend Karolee for blogging – sometimes her blogging is the only reminder that I need to update you.
I’m tired right now and sitting in a hotel in New Hampshire. Funny, I travel and live in hotels with my job (which I love), but I still choose to do it in my personal travels. The REALLY funny thing is that one of the benefits of this travel is supposed to be FREE hotels, but the hotels where you want to stay are in cities you don’t want want to stay in. In other words; I stay in Starwood properties (e.g. Sheraton, Westin, W), Marriotts, Hiltons, etc.
So, we’re paying $200/night for a room in a small, family owned hotel – all worth it!
Jim’s a die hard Republican now, the Union stuff at United has disillusioned him. This stake in the heart that will confirm his loyalty to the Republican party. He will vote for McCain as a result.
It is all I can say for now – I’m in Jackson New Hampshire and blogging which is WAY wrong – CHEERS!
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The Weather

Good grief, it was almost 100 degrees yesterday and it’s colder than crap today – what’s up with that? So, I grew up in Nebraska where there are never any promises with the weather other than that you can guarantee it will be hotter than all get out (rain or shine) in the summer and colder than most places in the winter. Here, it doesn’t matter what time of year it is, there are no guarantees – and there aren’t any discernable seasons. I think for our next *gig*, we’ll find a four season place; believe it or not, I miss blizzards.
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Back to Biz Travel

I remember a time in my life when all I wanted to do was go on a business trip, I also remember a time when all I wanted to do was have time at home to catch my breath. But, over time I realized I prefer the former – being "out of the box and on the road". I AM a Bohemian, truly, and I’ve realized it more and more over time. I can’t tell you how many times I was jealous of coworkers that were in positions to travel where I was not. I can also tell you that traveling for work, whether you love it or hate it, always affects someone other than you.
My husband, whether he admits it or not, is affected. I can’t promise him that I’ll call when I say I will, I can’t even promise to call him at all – he simply doesn’t understand. It’s okay though, since I know how to help him through this initial hard time. Change is never easy and we’re going through a big change with our routine right now. Regardless, he canceled a trip to our niece’s graduation because he felt I could lose my job if I asked for that time off. I told him that I would never be fired for such a thing and he then revealed that things are really bad at his job. So, who knows what really is causing his angst, I just know that I have to keep us together as best I can because, simply put, I love him.
My first few weeks of traveling may have many stories, but I’m just plain happy that I’m on the road and not on "the beach". Cheers!
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She’s Satan

The title is what I heard on the elevator today, the person was making this statement about a woman that sent him 20 one sentence E-mails within 2 hours. Funny, I wouldn’t call her Satan, I would call her a BULLY.
I work with bullies every day, they’re either in your face bullying or doing it behind your back deceitfully. Which do I prefer? Well, it’s not a hard decision since I can always deal with a known bully that blows up in my face – I know with whom I’m dealing. It’s the bully that fights me deceitfully – spreading lies behind my back to colleagues that may or may not know the difference (as we all know, perception is reality). I know a few bullies of both types, I prefer to distance myself from them once I figure them out.
The deceitful bully is awful, s/he is one hard character to figure out. When you first meet them, they’re so personable, they’re your best friend. Then, you hear things you can’t believe, that they were saying things about you that aren’t true. "What? S/he would never say that about me, s/he’s my friend!" Then you hear it from it from a few others and all of a sudden you’re shocked – s/he couldn’t have said it, but she did! OMG, I have been bullied behind my back!
OK, LOL, but it happens and it hurts – anyone who hasn’t experienced it may not understand. I can’t explain it nor can anyone else. What I can say is that you should never put yourself into a position where this person knows more than you nor should you allow them to do anything that you can do yourself (they LOVE lazy people). What I can say is that if you can avoid them, do so. If you can’t avoid them, try to make them work with you without bringing them into your life. The former is much easier than the latter.
BTW, your manager is the first point of contact.
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NY Housewives

I’ve been following the show "The Real Housewives of New York", a shoot-off of the popular "The Real Housewives of Orange County". OMG, okay, let’s talk about a bunch of women that make NY women look badly! I lived in NYC when I worked for an investment bank on WS, I met "the cream of the crop" and they were never this way. Bravo (the channel) should be more respectful. (BTW, the only one I can respect is "The Countess", but she probably agreed to doing this show as long as they made "The Countess" look good (FYI, she’s an ex-model who married a previously divorced Italian Count)).
When I worked for the investment bank in NYC, I met many of these wives, they accepted me. I can’t get into the details in my blog, but they brought me into their world because they trusted me (over time) and I never distrusted them. In this show and what prompted me to write in my blog today, a NYC friend was invited to a "girl party" but said she could only attend if her husband could go as well. Perhaps the woman that was invited to this party should have turned down the invitation if she felt she couldn’t go without her husband, but the hostess agreed because "having the friend there was all about the girl party which meant – "do whatever you have to do to get her here"" (OK, it’s a show, but you probably get my point here). Anyway, one of the "girls" was COMPLETELY rude to the husband, you could slice the tension in the room with a knife (it made me uncomfortable watching it) and she then left the "girl party" early without eating dinner since she felt it wasn’t what it was supposed to be. Good grief!
Oh, "The Countess" asked the husband if he’d like to go to Scores in front of everyone. LOL, it’s probably why I like her more now.
The OC version is a bit more believable and let me tell you why – the real housewives of the OC are that way. But, from my experience, the true housewives of NYC are NOT. I’ve lived in both places and can make this statement as a result.
Gosh, is the next franchise going to be, "The Real Housewives of San Francisco"? Oy vey! Bottom line, the TRUE housewives have NO reason to get on national TV (or international TV). Kids, these women are RICH, RICH, RICH and most have class; they wouldn’t be caught DEAD doing a show like this one (for more reasons than one). But for that matter, I would since I’d like the money and I could play it up just like the fakes on this show.
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Oh gosh, I’m not sure what I’m trying to say here other than I had a mind altering experience. I can’t say why, but just watch the movie that is referenced in the title of this blog. This movie is/was on one of the indie channels and advertised as a documentary. I was in bed with my husband and turned on the television as I do every night. I scrolled through Comcast’s menu and found "Zoo" and then pressed "Info" on the handset.
The Comcast info button gave me some info that reminded me of a story I heard when I worked for a software company in Redmond. Not about someone there, but about a horse. Something about a human and a horse and about the human dying. But, I didn’t know why this human died until I saw this movie. The weird thing is that the way the human died was not the way one would think.
God, I had to go to Google and I found out WAY too much information. Why did I do it?
Some of us are curious, I am. I investigate, I try to understand, and I try to accept. I grew up in Nebraska and was perhaps *a bit* sheltered, but I always pursued the "unknown to Kym". I honestly don’t understand the individuals in "Zoo", I don’t understand why they did what they did. My family has always been involved with livestock, if my family was involved with what I viewed in this documentary, I would be horrified.
Which brings me to this point, what’s going on in the lives of individuals other than ourselves that we don’t know about? Good grief, while the documentary was done quite well, I hate it for bringing to life a nightmare about another group of individuals that may not have the ability to love humans and must abuse anything else to get the love they feel they need. Of course, they don’t consider it’s abuse and perhaps the horses *I feel* they abused don’t consider it abuse, but it’s simply not right. And, of course, I don’t understand them and probably never will, so my opinion is simply my opinion.
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