Friday Night in the City

So, we’re trying out a new restaurant, "South Food and Wine Bar" ( It’s owned by 2 Aussies and 1 Kiwi, so I’m interested in finding out how the food is. When I told my coworkers, their initial responses were mostly "and it’s supposed to be good?" Well, the menu looks great and the chef/owner (Luke Mangan) is supposed to be genius. He has a restaurant in Tokyo (Salt), so I hope that this restaurant serves some un- or under-cooked seafood and since he was the Virgin Atlantic chef-select for awhile, I’m guessing that his "ModOz" cuisine is nothing less than awesome!
With Jim’s new schedule, the grocery shopping has fallen to the wayside and meals tend to consist of TV dinners and canned soup (for those of you who know me well, these meals suit me just fine). But, even the *easy* stuff requires a trip to Safeway and who has the time, so today we had Safeway deliver. Every thing was delivered as expected, although they did end up substituting a couple of non-generic items for generic ones. There was also a slight "user error", I only ordered 5 bottles of red wine (3 Clos du Bois Zinfindels and 2 Seghesio Zinfindels) instead of 6, so I didn’t get my 10% 6-pack discount. Deep sigh! Heck, it’s almost a free bottle of wine.
Kym 11.02.2007
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