T+0 – The *BLOG* Begins!

Oh what a night – I’m sitting here watching "Without A Trace" and thinking, ‘…how easy, yet irresponsible, it would be to disappear *intentionally* from society "without a trace"’. What would your loved ones feel? How would they get closure? What about work? Would they miss me or would they be mad because I left them with too much unsettled business? How would I make money? Where would I hide? How would I ever overcome the guilt? Bottom line, running away is a knee jerk reaction and while you may escape your latest fears, you only create a slew of new ones. I ran for many years and have found that being brave is far more rewarding.
Jim’s working nights now, with the onset of the rumor of United selling the Maintenance Operations Center (MOC) at SFO, he decided to run which so far appears to be the right thing to do. He’s working nights which we both hate, but the positives are that we no longer eat huge meals at night, I don’t get the 9 alarm wake-up at 4AM, and he gets to work on planes again. We only hope that the company that buys it isn’t one for which Jim would rather work than United.
Otherwise, I only want to thank my friend Ollie for walking me home last night (3 miles) from Castro’s Halloween Street party. I probably would have been able to get home safely, but his presence relieved my anxiety and his companionship made me feel very fortunate to have him as my friend.
Kym (11.01.2007)
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