You’ve Got Mail

Jim is working tonight so I’m watching (for at least the 10th time) "You’ve Got Mail" with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks. The two are such a great team in movies, it disappoints me that they haven’t done more together (other than "Joe and the Volcano" and "Sleepless in Seattle"). I do believe they’re working on another project together, I’ll have to check IMDB after I’m done with this entry.
South was excellent albeit very noisy. The restaurant is small, perhaps 10 – 15 two to four person tables. When we arrived, there were no tables available, but they sat us within 5 minutes since we did have a reservation (thanks to Open Table). We ordered a bottle of wine from their red "Gusty" selections, while I can’t remember the name, it was $35 and had a screwtop (I’m still shocked that I’m back to my college days drinking wine from containers that don’t require a corkscrew). Jim ordered a dozen of their oysters on the halfshell, he said they were awesome (I don’t really like oysters). We also ordered the "Bushman’s Platter" – it was an antipasto platter with hummus, toast, olives, prosciutto, sausage, eggplant, zucchini, and tempura NZ mussels. For our entrees, Jim had the lamb (rack of lamb) and I had the beef tenderloin – both were wonderful. Dessert consisted of licorice ice cream. Simply put, YUM!
Jim and I consider anyone that lives within a quarter mile of AT&T Park our neighbor and we met two last night at the restaurant. They are very nice guys, Shaul and Joe, we hope to call them friends someday. Jim tends to be very quiet with people he doesn’t know, but he was a talkative one last night. Thanks Joe and Shaul for your lively and interesting conversation!
The movie is at the part where Kathleen Kelly just sold all of the items in her bookstore and is in the Fox megastore’s children’s book section where a lady is asking about the "shoe books". One of the many things that I like about San Francisco is the fact that the family run business is very important and chain stores are frowned upon. While I’m guilty of shopping at the chains (mostly online), I do prefer our small businesses.
Good night my friends!
Kym 11.03.2007
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