The Homeless in San Francisco

Here in San Francisco, we have a large homeless population that make their beds on the sidewalks of our city. Where I grew up, in Lincoln Nebraska, if anyone was *sleeping* on the street, someone would check on them to see if they were okay. Here, however, a good majority of us (me included) walk right by these individuals simply assuming that they’re truly just sleeping (or “sleeping it off”). Sometimes, though, I wonder if they’re still alive. I don’t wonder as much about the ones that are wrapped up in used sleeping bags with their nearby shopping carts overflowing with all of their worldly possessions, but mostly the ones that are lying on the ground with a shirt wrapped around their head and nothing else covering them up (with the exception of clothes that are usually ripped, dirty, and/or undone). Yes, there are a few of these SF homeless residents that cause me to look more closely, but then I fear that they may be offended if they see me even though I am simply concerned. Or, even worse, I could be criticized by my fellow SF non-homeless residents as being rude for staring. Regardless, if they’re not alive, I only hope they’re in a better place and if they are alive, I wish they were in a better place.
I’ve been keeping up on my friend Stacey’s blog, it’s always entertaining and I can catch up on her life without having to bug her. We met when working at Code Green Networks where I found her work ethic to be unwavering and her attitude to be positively amazing. Additionally, she truly cares about people and those less fortunate than she is – including animals (she takes in strays which most of you know I find profoundly admirable). She is truly one of the nicest and smartest people I know, I’m sure it has something (or a lot) to do with the midwest upbringing that her parents gave her (who I’ve heard great things about too).
Happy November 5th and don’t forget to vote!
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