Capote vs. Infamous

So, tonight I watched "Infamous", the star-studded version of Truman Capote’s "In Cold Blood" research and writing project. I watched "Capote" about a year ago which was released prior to "Infamous" (which was pretty much about the same content-wise), "Capote" moved me much more. Perhaps it was Philip Seymour Hoffman’s performance (although Toby Jones was phenomenal), perhaps it was timing (I watched "Capote" first), or perhaps it was my as-of-late distaste of Gwynnie (who opened "Infamous"); it’s all subjective. All I can say is that if you want to get entertained, watch "Infamous"; if you want entertainment and more, watch "Capote". Here is my opinion that I posted on IMDB:
"I’m watching "Infamous" now and feel that it has STAR power, but I have to say that it plays up on stereotypes that add value to entertainment. "Capote" was darker and, perhaps, less entertaining and I’m glad I watched it first. I like both movies but will side with "Capote" simply because it allowed me to focus on Capote as the journalist and author rather than a gay man with the same goals."
I’m not sure what my gay male friends would think, they sometimes laugh at things that I would be afraid of voicing out loud. But, I remember the days when "bohunk" jokes were prevalent and maybe we should all just lighten up (by the way, I’m a "bohunk"). My point, we can laugh at ourselves, but we’re much bigger people if we allow others to laugh at (and with) us.
So, tomorrow is another weigh-in day at Weight Watchers. I’m back to my Gap weight which means that I weigh my pre-eBay, Microsoft weight yet not my pre-Gap weight (which was still more than I wanted to weigh). Oy vey, who can follow anything I’m writing? All I can say is that I’m wearing jeans I haven’t worn in years and these jeans were my *fat* jeans *weigh* back when! 😉
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