Babylon 5’s Greatest Star!

Mr. Morden from what I can tell from my friends that are Sci-Fi “addicts and enthusiasts” is one of their (if not their) favorite actors on “Babylon 5”. Now, mind you, the only reason I know is that Mr. Morden was at my wedding with his BEAUTIFUL wife Suzanne (Zannie to those of us that know her well); my wedding photographer, who was also a “Babylon 5” fan, took many pictures of Mr. Morden. These pictures, which I share often with my bay area friends and coworkers, are admired mostly when displayed to these “addicts and enthusiasts” – in fact, they couldn’t care less about the rest. Their comments are similar to, “Is that who I think it is?” and then when I say, “Mr. Morden?” they say, “YES!!!” Male, female, straight, gay; it’s always the same response (you know who you are if you’re reading this blog entry).


On a more personal level, Zannie (Ed Wasser’s (aka Mr. Morden) wife) and I met at DIRECTV and she’s one of my best friends. When we first met, I thought, “What a nice person, is she for real?” Well, yes she is, as real as it gets. And, she told me she was getting married to “this guy” and showed me his picture. I said, “Wow, he’s hot” and she said, “He’s an actor” and I said, “In what?” and she said, “Babylon 5” and I said, “Ah, I don’t watch ‘Babylon 5’”. Anyway, Zannie and I got closer at work and one day I get this call, “Hi Kymmie Winkles (Zannie’s nickname for me), this is Ed Wasser, I’d like to invite you to Suzanne’s wedding shower”. I’m thinking, “Wow, not only is he hot but he has a sexy, deep voice to boot.” Oh, and “he’s a REALLY nice guy” (How many guys do you know that invite their future wife’s friends to parties?). Okay, so I didn’t make it to the shower (shame on me, can’t remember why since it was way back in 1999), but I met Ed eventually and he is a great guy. We’ve had some fun since then; for example, I remember the AIDS walk in LA when Ed was carrying their son Evan on his shoulders and Jamie Lee Curtis walked up and said, “How cute is he?” (She was referring to Evan, not Ed, this time). Anyway, Zannie was my friend first, but Ed has proved himself to be a wonderful person and I hold them both deeply in my heart and will stand by them forever.


Stacey, thanks for loaning me your "Babylon 5" DVDs so I could watch Mr. Morden in his glory (and bouffant – sorry Ed, but you had some BIG hair), now I know why everyone raves about him.


Oh, and Zannie, thank you for telling me I didn’t look chubby, you’re such a good friend that you see the real me through all my inflated adipose tissue.


So I am once again alone tonight, Jim is working his midnight shift. I’m thoroughly enjoying Progresso Vegetable soup with a bit of hot sauce (Louisiana) added. CSI is on right now, Marg Helgenberger, who is an actor on the show is also a Nebraska girl. I first started following her in the “China Beach” series when I was married to my first husband and am so happy that she’s done so well.


Off to make my dessert, frozen raspberries blended with plain yoghurt and milk (and a bit of ice). Darn, all it needs is a shot of vodka!

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