To Bris or not to Bris?

As of late, the topic of whether or not a parent should circumcise their baby boy has been prevalent on television and with my friends who have or are planning to have children. It’s an interesting topic and one that perhaps only 10 or more years ago wouldn’t have been as controversial. Just over the weekend, this topic came to my attention at least 3 times – the most memorable times being with my friend Vince on Friday night and on the latest episode of "Desperate Housewives" on Sunday night. Vince and his partner, Randall, will be having a baby via surrogacy and will have to make this decision if their baby is a boy. Randall, being Jewish, would traditionally have his son(s) circumcised and Vince, being of Portuguese descent, would probably prefer to not have his son(s) circumcised. On "Desperate Housewives", Bree’s daughter gave birth to a baby boy (whom Bree is claiming as her own) and Bree and her husband disagree completely about circumcision. Bree feels it’s the right thing to do and Orson feels it’s about the worst thing to be done. Both do things behind the other’s back to try to ensure that their way be done. In the end (WARNING: SPOILER), Bree gets her way by *crashing* a Bris for another baby boy and lying to the Rabbi that she’s Jewish and her "Goy" husband doesn’t want the baby circumcised. Oy vey! Truth be told, if Jim and I ever had to make this decision, it would be an easy one since we both feel the same way, but I can’t imagine how it is for those couples that don’t agree. In the end, for the baby boy, he will grow up and will not know any difference other than (1) if his father is *different* than he is, (2) when he is in situations where he sees other males that are *different* than he is, and/or (3) when a woman he is with makes a point of pointing out this difference.
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