Happy Valentine’s Day!

We’re quickly nearing another V-Day, a holiday that Jim and I no longer celebrate – at least not intentionally.
Funny, I was talking with my manager today about Valentine’s Day only because she asked me if we were going to do anything special. I said, “No, we’re just going to fly to London since the flights on United are wide open.” We both laughed since, in reality, it IS something special, but we’re not going because it’s Valentine’s Day. We’re actually going since we have a really long weekend due to President’s Day and we both thought it would be cool to drive a Mini Cooper in the country where it is manufactured. In fact, Valentine’s Day occurring during this time has put a kink in our travel plans since we want to drive to the county of Cornwall which happens to be a popular and romantic travel destination for Londoners. This fact alone has faded my hopes of getting a great off-season lodging deal (even in the light of the fact that the exchange rate is now a *bit* lower than 2 to 1), so that cute cottage in Mousehole (pronounced “Mowzel”) is now looking like a clean but shabby hotel in Penzance (yes, of the famed Pirates). But, regardless of where we stay or how much extra we spend, we’ll have another great experience to talk about later and at least this time we’ll remember what we did for Valentine’s Day. Bottom line, in our life as a couple, Valentine’s Day activities aren’t planned, they’re simply coincidental.
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