Cornwall County Update

What can I say other than WOW! The pictures and descriptions of Cornwall county did not do it justice, perhaps because the wonderful people that live there don’t want it to change from what it is today (which is not far from yesterday long ago). I felt like I was in a strange but wonderful land right out of the stories I read as a child. There were hidden (but not secret) places that only the wrong turn would provide, these places were down one lane roads that required one or the other auto to back up for as far as 1/2 a mile on winding roads no less (I can only HIGHLY recommend the Mini Cooper that we rented if you choose to visit Cornwall). In these places, I could envision hobbits prancing around, drinking out of the magical streams, and hearing music that is only created by nature. I’ll publish our pictures shortly on this web site, but as with everything I read and viewed prior to our trip, only a trip to Cornwall will do it justice.
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