Oh gosh, I’m not sure what I’m trying to say here other than I had a mind altering experience. I can’t say why, but just watch the movie that is referenced in the title of this blog. This movie is/was on one of the indie channels and advertised as a documentary. I was in bed with my husband and turned on the television as I do every night. I scrolled through Comcast’s menu and found "Zoo" and then pressed "Info" on the handset.
The Comcast info button gave me some info that reminded me of a story I heard when I worked for a software company in Redmond. Not about someone there, but about a horse. Something about a human and a horse and about the human dying. But, I didn’t know why this human died until I saw this movie. The weird thing is that the way the human died was not the way one would think.
God, I had to go to Google and I found out WAY too much information. Why did I do it?
Some of us are curious, I am. I investigate, I try to understand, and I try to accept. I grew up in Nebraska and was perhaps *a bit* sheltered, but I always pursued the "unknown to Kym". I honestly don’t understand the individuals in "Zoo", I don’t understand why they did what they did. My family has always been involved with livestock, if my family was involved with what I viewed in this documentary, I would be horrified.
Which brings me to this point, what’s going on in the lives of individuals other than ourselves that we don’t know about? Good grief, while the documentary was done quite well, I hate it for bringing to life a nightmare about another group of individuals that may not have the ability to love humans and must abuse anything else to get the love they feel they need. Of course, they don’t consider it’s abuse and perhaps the horses *I feel* they abused don’t consider it abuse, but it’s simply not right. And, of course, I don’t understand them and probably never will, so my opinion is simply my opinion.
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