NY Housewives

I’ve been following the show "The Real Housewives of New York", a shoot-off of the popular "The Real Housewives of Orange County". OMG, okay, let’s talk about a bunch of women that make NY women look badly! I lived in NYC when I worked for an investment bank on WS, I met "the cream of the crop" and they were never this way. Bravo (the channel) should be more respectful. (BTW, the only one I can respect is "The Countess", but she probably agreed to doing this show as long as they made "The Countess" look good (FYI, she’s an ex-model who married a previously divorced Italian Count)).
When I worked for the investment bank in NYC, I met many of these wives, they accepted me. I can’t get into the details in my blog, but they brought me into their world because they trusted me (over time) and I never distrusted them. In this show and what prompted me to write in my blog today, a NYC friend was invited to a "girl party" but said she could only attend if her husband could go as well. Perhaps the woman that was invited to this party should have turned down the invitation if she felt she couldn’t go without her husband, but the hostess agreed because "having the friend there was all about the girl party which meant – "do whatever you have to do to get her here"" (OK, it’s a show, but you probably get my point here). Anyway, one of the "girls" was COMPLETELY rude to the husband, you could slice the tension in the room with a knife (it made me uncomfortable watching it) and she then left the "girl party" early without eating dinner since she felt it wasn’t what it was supposed to be. Good grief!
Oh, "The Countess" asked the husband if he’d like to go to Scores in front of everyone. LOL, it’s probably why I like her more now.
The OC version is a bit more believable and let me tell you why – the real housewives of the OC are that way. But, from my experience, the true housewives of NYC are NOT. I’ve lived in both places and can make this statement as a result.
Gosh, is the next franchise going to be, "The Real Housewives of San Francisco"? Oy vey! Bottom line, the TRUE housewives have NO reason to get on national TV (or international TV). Kids, these women are RICH, RICH, RICH and most have class; they wouldn’t be caught DEAD doing a show like this one (for more reasons than one). But for that matter, I would since I’d like the money and I could play it up just like the fakes on this show.
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