She’s Satan

The title is what I heard on the elevator today, the person was making this statement about a woman that sent him 20 one sentence E-mails within 2 hours. Funny, I wouldn’t call her Satan, I would call her a BULLY.
I work with bullies every day, they’re either in your face bullying or doing it behind your back deceitfully. Which do I prefer? Well, it’s not a hard decision since I can always deal with a known bully that blows up in my face – I know with whom I’m dealing. It’s the bully that fights me deceitfully – spreading lies behind my back to colleagues that may or may not know the difference (as we all know, perception is reality). I know a few bullies of both types, I prefer to distance myself from them once I figure them out.
The deceitful bully is awful, s/he is one hard character to figure out. When you first meet them, they’re so personable, they’re your best friend. Then, you hear things you can’t believe, that they were saying things about you that aren’t true. "What? S/he would never say that about me, s/he’s my friend!" Then you hear it from it from a few others and all of a sudden you’re shocked – s/he couldn’t have said it, but she did! OMG, I have been bullied behind my back!
OK, LOL, but it happens and it hurts – anyone who hasn’t experienced it may not understand. I can’t explain it nor can anyone else. What I can say is that you should never put yourself into a position where this person knows more than you nor should you allow them to do anything that you can do yourself (they LOVE lazy people). What I can say is that if you can avoid them, do so. If you can’t avoid them, try to make them work with you without bringing them into your life. The former is much easier than the latter.
BTW, your manager is the first point of contact.
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