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I remember a time in my life when all I wanted to do was go on a business trip, I also remember a time when all I wanted to do was have time at home to catch my breath. But, over time I realized I prefer the former – being "out of the box and on the road". I AM a Bohemian, truly, and I’ve realized it more and more over time. I can’t tell you how many times I was jealous of coworkers that were in positions to travel where I was not. I can also tell you that traveling for work, whether you love it or hate it, always affects someone other than you.
My husband, whether he admits it or not, is affected. I can’t promise him that I’ll call when I say I will, I can’t even promise to call him at all – he simply doesn’t understand. It’s okay though, since I know how to help him through this initial hard time. Change is never easy and we’re going through a big change with our routine right now. Regardless, he canceled a trip to our niece’s graduation because he felt I could lose my job if I asked for that time off. I told him that I would never be fired for such a thing and he then revealed that things are really bad at his job. So, who knows what really is causing his angst, I just know that I have to keep us together as best I can because, simply put, I love him.
My first few weeks of traveling may have many stories, but I’m just plain happy that I’m on the road and not on "the beach". Cheers!
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