Well; I am remiss, I have not posted to this blog site in years. So much has happened though. My then husband, Jim, and I relocated to the Washington D.C. area in August of 2010; United transferred him to Dulles (IAD). We chose an apartment in Arlington Virginia; minutes away from Reagan National airport (DCA). As fate may have it; Jim passed away on Christmas Day 2010 (12/25/2010). I think all the chemotherapy and other procedures took its toll on his heart and he died in his sleep at home.

I went back to work after about three weeks; my first project was with Time Warner Cable (TWC). It was tough getting back into the thick of things; I remember crying in the snow logged parking lot of the TWC in Albany (NY), I was simply sad and lonely. My next project was in New Jersey with a company called GAF (a roofing company); I was there for almost five months. I ended up getting a hotel room at a place called the “Hyatt House” which became my home away from home and from which I made many, many great friends and experiences.

In October 2011; I decided to take a year long Leave of Absence (LOA) from Capgemini and travel the world. I started with Switzerland (five weeks) and then went to Dubai (UAE), Gurgaon (India), London (Great Britain), Sydney (Australia), Rome (Italy) and almost all of New Zealand. I realized that traveling alone sucked (I was with my friend Sylvia for the 10 days in New Zealand though); and decided to get on

Well, as luck may have it, I met my current husband on We had our first date on January 4, 2012 and we were married on January 10, 2014 (in Cozumel, Mexico). We just celebrated our two year anniversary where we live now in Germany. Ah, yes, Germany; Paul (my husband) works for the U.S. government (he is a retired Navy aviator) at Ramstein Air Force base here in Germany. When we met; he worked as a civilian in Arlington Virginia. He took this position in April of 2015 and we will be here until at least April of 2018.

I am still employed by Capgemini; I just took another LOA hoping to get work here in Germany. Unfortunately; I have to speak fluent German, which I do not (I am better at it than when I arrived here; but not good enough to converse in *business* German). As a result; I have decided to start a website/blog that provides information to travelers with pets. I want to provide short videos on processes and procedures, best places to go (e.g. hotels, restaurants, sites, events, etc), products, etc. I will start small; but I decided to do it because there is not a single site where I can find what I want. In fact; even going to several sites still does not provide me with the information that I need. I am, therefore, going to venture out doing what I love (traveling and meeting people) and create something that is not available now. Wish me luck, I will need it!

Love YOU all!!!

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