Just another day in the Hospital…

It is 5:18AM here in Germany on a Sunday; my Mac is not displaying the date and I do not care. I have yet to take Boo on a train trip; but plan to do so this week. I have to! I have to for her, for Jim, for me, for Paul… mostly for all of you.

I planned to take her with me to Kaiserslautern last week; but I got dizzy on the way down the hill and ended up BACK in the hospital. This time; it was not the German hospital, but the Landstuhl Regional Medical Center (LRMC) where they send our wounded warriors from Iraq and other places. Since I had been in both a German and American hospital over the course of a month; I was comparing the differences.

Food; the American hospital gave me a private room and they had a menu. The German hospital gave me whatever “lactose free” menu option they had (which, LOL, included cheese most of the time). I made my husband, Paul, bring me Burger King at night when he came to visit me.

The room; well, as I said, the American hospital gave me a private room. The German hospital put me in a room the same size as my private room; but I had a roommate. There were no privacy curtains and doctors spoke to us in front of the roommate (speaking of our conditions and diagnosis). Obviously; since I was in a private room in the American hospital, it did not matter.

Bathroom; the American hospital had a toilet in the room. Anyone walking by my room could have seen me doing *my business* at any time. The German hospital had a private bathroom with a closed door and shower. I am still unsure where you would shower in the American hospital.

Blood; the German hospital only allowed doctors to put in IVs and take blood; on weekends it became very slow (I was there for 2 weekends). A nurse put my IV in at the American hospital and blood was taken by nurses. The only time I saw doctors at the American hospital was when they were doing rounds and none took blood from me (or, for that matter, put in an IV).

Staff; loved them all! At the German hospital, since it was a University Hospital, was staffed by students. There were some language issues (of course, my fault since my German sucks); but I loved the *kids* and they took wonderful care of me. At the American hospital; the staff were mostly military and they were great. I received the best of care at both places and cannot fault them on anything.

Finally; I am feeling great! I am glad to be home and am enjoying my time in front of the television – LOL! My experiences in the German and American (overseas) hospitals have been enlightening. I am glad to be alive and healthy!

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