Saturday in the Park!

Today is Saturday; LOL, I woke up at 6AM and thought it was Friday and that my husband’s alarm would go off at 6:15AM. Boo had growled for some reason; not sure why, but it woke me up.

We have this HUGE house that abuts next to a German national forest. It is beautiful. When I wake up early, like I did today, I like to walk out there. We have these very interesting squirrels, Eurasian Red Squirrels (; they are endangered and are only out in the early morning. When I first saw them; I thought they were miniature rabbits – Ha ha. I looked them up. My friend, a nurse from my German hospital in Homburg, is helping to save their species. Boo was with me that morning and they (the squirrels) were taunting her. She barked at them and they chattered back to her. They were not afraid.

I love seeing wildlife in the wild. These squirrels were just so cute. I wish I would have video taped them; but I was afraid that if I pulled my iPhone out of my jacket, they would have run away. I was truly enjoying the moment.

I am going out now (it is 8:37AM in Germany) in hopes that I can find my little friends.

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